Passive Radiators

Passive Radiators are another option to the port tube for tuning. They enable a tuning frequency lower than a port by adding mass to the diaphragm. All passive radiators from Pro-Driva enable mass to be added. They also improve power handling by limiting excursion of the active driver, while the passive provides maximum excursion. In general a passive radiator should be twice the diaphragm area of the woofer. However modern passive radiators often these day have twice the excursion of the woofer enabling you to use the same size as the driver.

Coming soon 10, 15,and 18 inch Passive Radiators.

Below is our range of Passive Raditaors we carry on stock. 

  • Seas SP18R Passive Radiators
  • Specss:

    Free air resonance                                                           26 Hz                                    

    Maximum Excursion (peak to peak )                                 19 mm                 

    Moving mass                                                                 21.5 grams                                                         

    Total Weight                                                                 0.38  Kg

    Effective piston area                                                      130 cm2                                               

    Vas                                                                                  41 liters                                               

    Diameter                                                                        176 mml                                                              

    Poly cone, weight can be added


Seas SP22R Passive Radiators
  • Specs:

    Free Air Resonance                                                       22 Hz

    Maximum Excursion  ( peak to peak )                             20 mm

    Moving mass                                                                  28 gms

    Total                                                                            0.67 Kg                                                 

    Effective Piston Area                                                    230cm2                                              

    Vas                                                                              138 liters                    

    Diameter                                                                       220 mm

    Poly cone, weight can be added.

Scanspeak 30w/0-00-00 Passive Radiators
  • Specs:

    Free air resonance                                                9.5 Hz                   

    Maximum Excursion ( peak to peak )                      28 mm

    Moving Mass                                                      435 grams                                                           

    Weight                                                                1.4 Kg                                                   

    Effective piston area                                        466 cm2                                  

    Diameter                                                         308 mm                               

    Aluminum cone, weight can be added.